Russia Starts News Network in Mexico

Putin MexicoHighlights from Today’s PardoNet News:

  • The Russian Official News Network will Start Transmissions in Mexico on 1 September – RT. The official Russian news network will be available in a Spanish-language version for Mexican viewers through izzi tv, starting on 1 September.   The cannel may be seen throughout Mexico. “RT reported that Mexican viewers will now be able to know the Russian perspective on world affairs or which are ignored by other media”.
  • Mexico’s Federal Chief of Police Removed after Report on Executions – AP. Mexico’s Federal Police Commissioner Enrique Galindo was fired by President Enrique Peña Nieto after a report by the country’s human rights watchdog stated that the police force “arbitrarily executed” at least 22 suspected drug traffickers during a sweep at an hacienda on 22 May in which 42 people were killed.
  • Costa Rica asks US to Repeal “Wet Foot, Dry Foot” Law that Guarantees Cubans Entry – La Nación (CR).   Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister said the Cuban Adjustment Law, which guarantees Cubans exclusively the right to enter the U.S. if they can set a “dry foot” on land, is provoking the migration of thousands of Cubans through Central America.
  • Chavistas Corrupt Fees Double the Price of Imported Food in Venezuela – El País. Veteran reporter Emili J. Blasco reports that corrupt fees extracted by officials on the Venezuelan Foreign Trade Corporation, a government entity controlled by the official Chavista movement, are doubling the price of imported food in Venezuela.   Blasco tracked disbursements of $197.1 million dollars for soy, corn, and that in reality were worth $106.7 million.
  • Trump says he will give his “Major Speech on Illegal Immigration” on Wednesday – Univision. Donald Trump tweeted that on Wednesday he “will be making a “major speech on Illegal Immigration” in Arizona.   The original speech had been scheduled for Colorado last week but was cancelled. On August 20 Donald Trump told a meeting of Hispanic leaders that he was considering a softer approach to illegal immigration.
  • Colombia’s Armed Forces Ready to Control Territory Held by FARC.  The Colombian cable news network NTN24 reported that the Colombian military high command is ready to take over territory that has been held, in some cases for years, by the FARC guerrillas.   A definitive cessation of hostilities between the government and the FARC took place on August 29, officially ending 52 years of war.
  • Jet Blue will Launch the First Regularly Scheduled Flights between Cuba and the US on 31 August – Granma. The official Cuban newspaper reports that a JetBlue Airbus 320 with 150 passengers will begin the first regularly scheduled flights between Cuba and the United States since 196 The flights are scheduled between Ft. Lauderdale and Santa Clara.
  • Iranian Foreign Minister’s Last Stop on Latin America Trip is Caracas- AP. Iranian Foreign Minister Yavad Zarif has been in Caracas, following visits to Bolivia, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, and Nicaragu The Venezuelan State News Agency reported that Zarif’s agenda included discussions on energy and military cooperation.